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Creating efficiency and driving profits no matter the size of your workforce.

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Sales &

Management (CRM)

Amplify the success of your business with a powerful, easy to use system that streamlines all areas of your business - sales, marketing, project management, product management, finance, HR and more! You can even manage multiple businesses with a single login! Just starting out? Gain an unfair advantage over your competitors that will kick-start your business! You'll have the same time-tested tools established businesses use to streamline operations with plenty of room to grow into it!
Managing a business (or several!) has never been easier.
Close more deals with easy-to-use tools that will provide your sales & marketing teams the ability to capture comprehensive lead information, schedule their follow ups and monitor the progress of their leads & campaigns in real-time from anywhere.
Monitor prospects closely to maximize the sales pipeline.
Effective management of customer relationships requires a unified approach across all departments in a company. From sales to success, our system delivers results while proactively keeping an eye on both customer and company expectations. Even when you're busy, you can rest assured that the system is working to ensure results. Customer relationship management has been redefined.
Build stronger, more profitable relationships with your clients & prospects.


Project & Task Management


Reap the benefits of the power that a fully integrated system provides. Spend more time achieving results and less time pushing paper and chasing payments. Real-time views of current accounts receivable, unbilled hourly tasks, upcoming project milestones and the ability to automate recurring billing payments will save time, reduce costs and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Do you outsource your bookkeeping? No problem... that's automated too, your bookkeeping staff will be notified instantly with details of every invoice sent and payment received.
Take control of your business's finances

Keep your project costs & timelines on track with powerful tools that enable your project managers to delegate tasks, manage workflow, monitor progress and react quickly to priorities. Our cloud and mobile based platform offers extreme convenience & efficiency for teams that are distributed geographically or across time zones.

The system takes a "proactive, not reactive" approach to ensuring project success. Project managers, employees and clients are provided with vital information in real time including progress, timeline and budgetary updates. Potential project risks are proactively detected, thwarting them before they could even become problems. Working this smart has never been possible before.


Manage the most important asset of your business with a state-of-the-art cloud & mobile based business management system. Enjoy a host of tools that streamline the management of your staff while ensuring structure & accountability: easy-to-use timesheets, scheduling, automated payroll reporting, employee absence tracking, praise & discipline tracking, skill tracking, real-time monitoring of employee activity and much more.

The system also leverages business intelligence to monitor company workload so you can make capacity planning decisions easily and at the right times.
Empower your employees & simplify management

Customizing &


And Much Much More...'s capabilities include numerous built in customization and extension capabilities such as integration with Microsoft Outlook & Gmail calendaring, import routines for populating employee information, automated updating of project tasks via email and more. The BusinessManage API provides the ability to further extend functionalties to meet your business's unique requirements. Integrate with your own pre-existing systems, automate your processes, capture lead information live from your website... the sky is truly the limit! becomes even more powerful when combined with other systems.
In today's competitive world, businesses require the harmonious execution of numerous processes in order to remain ahead of their competitors. Inefficient processes create a ripple effect of challenges that result in lost time, wasted money and harm to staff morale. solves these challenges by monitoring ongoing processes across all lines of business. Our solution continuously seeks opportunities to improve processes while detecting inefficiencies that create challenges. breaks down barriers to reaching the next level.
Tame the complexity of your business...
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